Saturday, November 24, 2012

Are you a Hip Hop artist why not book a session at our Recording Studio in london

Hip Hop Recording Studios London
Are you looking for a hip hop recording studio, Know what vocal fx your looking for, well look no further here at select recording studios we have got 15 years experience working with various hip hop artists 
What Ever Your Recording Needs Are   :
1. New Beats 
2. A New Mixtape 
3. Record Vocals over a Beat /Instrumental 
4. Mix and master Home Recordings 
Select Recording Studio London will give you the top quality you need without blowing your budget.
Here are a few vocal fx we specialize
• Vocal Editing & Correction 
• Glitch / Stutter Vocal Fx 
• Radio – Detuned  Vocal fx 
• Vocal & Instruments FX 
• Autotune  Vocal Fx 
• élastique Pro Timestretch
If you would like to book studio time or just want to find out more information then please ring Paul on 020 8829 8929 or 07980 000345
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